Get a New Lease on Living

We’re so punny!

We recently launched this new animation we put together for Lloyd Companies in Sioux Falls. If you’re not familiar, Lloyd Companies is a property management and real estate company in our fair city. Because they do both (pretty well, we might add), they’re a great option for a current homeowner who’s over being a homeowner.

Most of us Mud Milers are currently (or have recently been homeowners), so helping Lloyd’s fabulous crew brainstorm the benefits of maintenance-free living proved to be a cathartic type of therapy. On a related note, we’re also convinced that there isn’t a single person out there who likes to mow the lawn, which has us wondering if it’s time to start a no-shave movement for the grass.

But, we digress.

This animation was a lot of fun for our crew to put together, and we’re pretty pleased with how well it catches the eye. This type of spot can be a good option for those who don’t want to be on camera, need to stick pretty tightly to a budget or deadline, or want to jazz up an unsexy subject.

Need something fun and attention-getting? Give us a call or shoot us an email!