Taylor The Terrific

Great interns aren’t made. They’re born. And Taylor Yocum was born to be a great intern at Mud Mile.

We’re positive that Taylor, a senior at Augustana University, will go on to accomplish far greater things than interning with us.

Because our little agency can be a strange place to work, we’ve asked him to do some really strange things. From working a carnival-style turd toss trade show booth to producing a marketing video about himself (see below), to doing the little things like logging interviews, lugging gear and dealing with pugnacious office politics, (the in-house pugs can be tricky to navigate), he’s performed a range of tasks with a kind of positive energy we really love and appreciate.

Taylor does it all at Mud Mile. He shoots, edits, grips, writes and shows up to every meeting 30 minutes early, which is almost annoying, but only because it makes the rest of us look bad.

When Taylor started his internship, many of those skills were brand new. But Taylor used his Augustana liberal arts education to ask questions and keep learning until he mastered each new challenge.