Partner Spotlight: Silverstar Car Wash

Written by: Nate Burdine

Taylor films inside a Silverstar Car Wash.

When we meet with people new to Mud Mile, they typically want to know how we define a successful partnership, partnership being the key word.

Our answer almost always brings up our good friends at Silverstar Car Wash. Home of the Better Wash – and a Great Feeling.

We first partnered with Silverstar, a (very) fast growing car wash chain based in Sioux Falls, S.D., in early 2018. They had just opened their third location and were looking for ways to get the word out about their incredibly affordable subscription model, which was a new (and brilliant) idea.

Silverstar asked if we could create a :30 video that they could test on Facebook. The test must have performed well because, four years later, we just helped them open their 17th location across three states, with many more in the works across the country. (You might be asking, “Did this guy just take credit for ALL of Silverstar’s growth?” Well, maybe…) 

And as Silverstar has grown, they’ve asked Mud Mile to do more. When we started, we mostly produced social media videos aimed at consumers, along with some employee training videos. Their internal team handled paid placement and distribution.

Today, we work hand-in-hand with their team on overall strategy. Our team’s list of duties includes (but is definitely not limited to): production for legacy and emerging mediums, print collateral, onsite video boards, PR, sponsorships, strategic organic and paid marketing and content placement. 

There’s many reasons our partnership with Silverstar is such a shining example of success. We truly do consider them friends, first of all. Our teams collaborate with trust, joy and respect. And we’ve grown with them.

At Mud Mile, we believe in flexibility. Not everyone needs a full service agency. But everyone needs (and deserves) a team willing to be flexible. Times are a changing. Fast!

So, if you just need a video for Facebook, no problem! Need to recruit and retain employees? We have you covered. Need a full service, all-in strategy and to talk to us every day? We’re happy to do that, as well.

We’ll meet you where you’re at, and have some fun growing with you as your needs evolve. While the Mud Mile team can’t deliver a better wash like Silverstar, we do strive to give you a great feeling!