Flexible Content: Enter Mud Mile’s Modular Content Strategy

If messaging flexibility was an Olympic sport, our partners at Experity would be gold medalists at content gymnastics 🤸:

🥇Balance beam
🥇Pole vault
🥇That thing where they flip in the air with ribbons

If you’ve visited an urgent care clinic across the country in the last ten years, the healthcare team that’s taking care of you, at some point is probably utilizing Experity. Experity is the leading software and services company for on-demand healthcare in the U.S. urgent care market

We began talking in 2019 about how to maximize Experity’s message in a multi-channel way. Making one piece of content for one platform worked in 1996 (so did some great music played on your Walkman 🎧). But today, customers, employees and content consumers take in messaging in the way that’s best for them at that moment.

So we worked with the team at Experity to implement our Modular Content Strategy™.

We started with several content production sessions with Experity partners across the country. We didn’t just shoot a testimonial video (we did that, but so much more).

  • We made testimonial videos for Experity’s website and email marketing.
  • We created shorter video vignettes for digital and for the testimonial partner to use.
  • We flexed our interview time and with transcriptions, the Experity marketing team created content for its website, blog, emails and annual report.
  • We captured still photos of the Experity product in action and headshots of our interview participants to be used in future printed and digital assets.
  • We started building a library of still photos and B-roll.

How’s It Going?

When Experity’s annual user conference needed content, they were on their way, utilizing the library to add more dynamic elements.

When the team needed additional content and assets for product pitches, they tapped into our Modular Content Strategy and the foundation we’d built to turn what they needed quickly, with production being handled by Experity’s internal team.

Here are a couple examples of what we’ve worked together to create:

Our Modular Content Strategy makes the most of Experity’s marketing budget. It maximizes their team and their time.

Check out the video below for a sample of what our team has put together for Experity.