A Super Bowl Ad Calls For a Super Strategy

Super Bowl LVII may have come and gone (well, maybe not all the calories from cheese dip 🧀 that some of our Mud Mile team took down), but one of our partner stories will keep going.

We worked with the team at Legacy Law Firm to produce a television commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl on February 12.

But when you’ve got a group that works on creating legacies, we knew that *just* 30-seconds wasn’t nearly enough to keep telling their story. So, our team implemented our Modular Content Strategy to create a game plan.

Here’s a peek:

  • Traditional television commercial 
  • Digital ads
  • Preview campaign
  • Content videos
  • Website video

Why did we do all of this? To meet our goal: generate awareness and excitement about Legacy Law Firm’s upcoming ad while utilizing the content for ongoing awareness in the coming weeks.

Want to see the spot that spurred our strategy? See below.