What’s The Beef With Content?

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but video doesn’t always have to be an epic production. 

Who could have guessed a marketing agency that decorates its office with fancy trophies earned for their (checks notes) epic video productions would be the ones to tell you?

Mud Mile CEO Jolene breaks it down for us with a mooooving beef analogy, because you don’t always need to go all out to satisfy your hunger for content. 

How Does It Work?

Really, it’s pretty simple:

  • Fast food: you’re so hungry, you just need food and you need it now. That drive-thru has never looked better. This is as quick as a simple video of you shot on your cell phone.
  • Fast casual: you have enough time to actually sit and enjoy your lunch. You want something that’s been fussed over a little bit. This is the kind of video you made a plan for, gathered some props and people to feature, and gave a quick edit.
  • Fine dining: you have been looking forward to this dinner for awhile. You want the full, multi-course experience. This is the video you budget for, hire an experienced crew, and write and rewrite and rewrite a script.

What Should I Do?

We’re firm believers that a brand should have a well-balanced diet, so to speak, when it comes to the type of content you create.

There’s absolutely a place for each of these types of videos on your content strategy menu. We can help you figure out what nutritional needs are right for your brand. Let’s connect.