On The Road — Again

It’s a consistent theme for much of our Mud Mile team. But it’s also why our partners often get emails from us, “We’re going to be on the road — do you need anything?”

When our teams travel, we check in with other partners to see if we can get any content needs while the crew is in an area. It’s part of our Collaborative Content Execution (CCE) model.

Here’s an energizing example (pun intended) of how it works:

Earlier this year, while traveling in Texas for video white papers with our friends at Experity, we reached out to some of our favorite Houstonians, the team at Rhythm Energy

Rhythm isn’t like your typical energy company. Their customers actually like them. Like, really, really like them. So we’ve always wanted to get their customers on camera to capture that good energy.

We worked with Rhythm to round up some customers, and spent a day getting some incredible testimonials. We even had time to squeeze in some employee testimonials for recruitment content.

Using our Modular Content Strategy, and partnering with Rhythm’s creative team, we created multiple versions of ads in different sizes. We also grabbed still photos to use as additional assets. Maximizing their budget and the impact we can make with prospective customers and employees. 


It’s all about good story selling. So some of the content is evergreen, where other content advertises specific offers. All while keeping true to Rhythm’s brand: Good Energy.

For us, that good energy comes from helping multiple partners while on the road.