2023 Digital Report Card: Email Marketing Performance

We say it every chance we get: email marketing IS NOT DEAD.

In 2023, Team Digital here at Mud Mile invested more than 140 hours crafting emails for our partners that had a real impact.

We’re proud to present our successes and learns in our annual Digital Ads Performance Report Card.

In the 2023 Digital Consumer Trends Index, researchers again report that email remains THE most effective channel for driving sales, with 50% of consumers making a purchase after getting an email. That’s more than from a social media ad (48%) or social post (43%), SMS (24%), or banner ad (21%).

*Interesting note: email is more impactful with older customers than younger. Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials were far more likely to make a purchase from an email than Gen Z, which is more likely to engage with social media or SMS.

Our Results

Our digital marketing team found similar results. We love email. We sit up a little straighter when you ask us about email. 

Throughout 2023, Team Digital sent out more than 3 million emails. The slides below outline the performance of three of our partners:

Our Learns

  • Personalization = results. Take the time to segment your audience by their interests, their geography, their age – whatever factors you know that impact the way they interact with your brand. If you have a more sophisticated system that can tie sales out to email engagement, dig into the data and segment based on sales! Then, make sure your content appeals to each list. It’s worth the extra effort.
  • Remember, the inbox is personal. Don’t blast the people who are most excited to hear from you. Test to determine the right frequency for your people.
  • AI and stock images are great, but don’t lose your brand’s authenticity. Keep humans involved in creating your communications.
  • You have to design for mobile readers. When you consider everyone who made a purchase from an email last year, 75% of them made that purchase on a mobile device after reading that email on a mobile device.

We’re excited as a team to see what we can do for our partners (and you!) in 2024. Our continued growth in this division means we’re able to test new ideas and strategies to help you (and your content) reach more of the right people and see a real impact to your mission and business sooner.

Thinking about adding or expanding your efforts with digital advertising this year? We’d love the opportunity to partner with you to get real results. Connect with us at discover@mudmile.com.