Modular Content Strategy – Magical Edition

You’ve heard us talk about the flexibility and scale that comes with our Modular Content Strategy (here, here, and here). We love seeing how far we can push the strategy, because we’ve seen how it amplifies our partner’s message when used correctly.  

Over the holiday season, we took it to a whole other level. And afterwards, it had our partner calling the process, “Magical.”

Here’s Why:

Our friends at Mammoth Holdings have more than 20 car wash brands under their umbrella. The brands are spread out across the nation, so it can be challenging scaling messaging.

And if you’re working with a traditional agency, they’re going to charge you a premium for creating an ad that needs 20 different versions, including different logos, different branding, and different copy to reach each audience. And they’re going to tell you they need a lot of time (and $$) to execute.

But we’re not a typical agency.

We started talking about how we could pull this off just a couple of weeks before the promo was set to launch. So time was short. But we love a tight deadline and a proper challenge. 

In two weeks, we created 164 targeted video assets across 18 brands.

And nearly 100 other digital files to support the campaign.

Videos came in all sizes and lengths. To be exact, each promo included a 6, 15, and 30 second version in square, vertical, and horizontal formats.

The result? A successful multi-brand, national holiday promotion done for a price you honestly wouldn’t believe. 

This is why we’re called an anti-agency.

We create scale – quality AND quantity – while our partners create cash flow. 

If you want to hear more about how we produced so much in such a small window of time, click here to set up a meeting and learn more about our modular content strategy.