Quality AND Quantity: The Case for Mud Mile’s Modular Content Strategy™

When talking to potential clients about content creation, we’re often asked what’s more important: high quality or high quantity? 

At first blush, it seems like a fair question. Under most agency models, you’re forced to choose one. Most agencies charge so much, you either need to pick a couple high quality videos that may only have one purpose, or choose several more amateur looking videos that don’t look the best, but give you a higher messaging frequency. 

But shouldn’t you really expect BOTH high quality, and high quantity? 

Consumers demand engaging, high quality content, and they expect to see it at their convenience, meaning it needs to be available on myriad channels. To accomplish this requires smart strategy and a scalable system. That’s where Mud Mile’s Modular Content Strategy™ comes in.

Real World Case: PLACE

PLACE is a startup disrupting the real estate marketplace by giving homeowners one place to go to buy, finance, insure, and maintain their home. After an investment from Goldman Sachs, they had an aggressive growth plan and were looking for the right partner to carry out a strategy  on a short timeline.

When their founders approached our team in early 2022, they had heard stories about how we were able to do just that. They already knew they needed lots of video and photo content, and that it had to be of a very high quality. And they needed it yesterday. 

Within a few weeks, Mud Mile created dozens of assets, including recruitment,  testimonial and explainer videos, internal comms videos, and still photos, handing them off to the PLACE team to distribute across multiple channels. 

Across just three shoots in our first year of partnership, totaling only 7 days of filming, we’ve built out a large content asset library, including lifestyle B-roll and photos, event video, and interviews with nearly 100 employees, clients, and partners to tell the PLACE story. 

With this library, we’ve partnered with PLACE to create scores of external and internal video assets and hundred of photos. And there’s still 100s more assets that will be created using the footage collected during those shoots.

We did this quickly, efficiently, and on a budget that no other agency can compete with: proving that you can execute a strategy quickly, while delivering both high quality and a high quantity of assets to round out your content marketing strategy.