Luther House of Study on Track to Share 200+ Videos on Faith

It’s time we tell you about a BIG project we’ve been working on for a client that REALLY believes in video as a tool for building connections.

An image of a church at sunset on the rural prairie.

Luther House of Study‘s mission is to strengthen Lutheran leadership and ministries. They work with those studying to work in the ministry, those already working in ministry positions, and church congregations as a whole.

And now they’re really working to reach and engage a younger audience.

To help all these people, Luther House offers a full curriculum of videos online designed to teach about the Lutheran faith, and they do this for free thanks to support from the Lutheran Leadership Foundation.

Since videos are kind of our specialty, we were thrilled for the opportunity to partner with a group so committed to using our favorite medium. As of today, you can find 130+ videos up on their new website (nice work Hartman Technologies and ADwërks!), and there are plans to add an additional 70+ in the next year.

While deciding which videos to share here is kind of like choosing a favorite child, we are very excited about a series of videos on the Catechism, including the video below on the Apostles’ Creed.

Remember how we said they’re trying to reach young people? We’ve been utilizing the Millenial’s favorite medium – social media (Facebook to be specific) – to reach out along with email blasts.

So far, those efforts are working. About 60 percent of the site’s users are under the age of 35.