Modular Content Empowers Students to Ace Fundraising Goals

grand prize drawing box on a beach

Our friends at Brownell Talbot, the top college prep school in Nebraska, come up with some really clever ways to raise money for student scholarships and enrichment programs.

Our favorite is probably the raffle, where students sell tickets to win a $10,000 prize and earn prizes for their efforts.

The incentives make it a no-brainer for the students but the messaging has to be crafted so each age group understands the goals (and the prize structure!).

BT students range in age from three to 18. So it was important to create age-appropriate content for each group. That’s where our Modular Content Strategy (MCS) comes into play.

We first created a baseline script and motion graphic design. Then, we changed small message elements to deliver a custom video that speaks directly to the students.

The end product included three videos, one for each school level, that featured BT students. After all, who could be a more fitting messenger than a classmate? 

This pro bono project was an absolute joy to be a part of, and although all the students did a fantastic job, this version stands out as our favorite.