2022 Digital Report Card: Digital Ads Performance

2022 was a big year in a lot of ways here at Mud Mile. One of our most notable changes is the aggressive expansion of our Digital Marketing division. We worked with our partners to craft and execute digital advertising strategies that had a real impact. We’re proud to present their successes and learns in our inaugural Digital Ads Performance Report Card.

Our Digital team generated more than 28 million impressions across digital advertising platforms for our partners in 2022. As our partners are finding when comparing to traditional media buys, digital advertising is extremely cost effective; our partners saw an average CPM of $2.49 and CPC of 13 cents.

Here’s how it breaks down on social media:

The stats get even more impressive when you consider our performance with SEM, Display, and video advertising in the digital realm:

We’re excited as a team to see what we can do for our partners (and you!) in 2023. Our continued growth in this division means we’re able to test new ideas and strategies to help you (and your content) reach more of the right people and see a real impact to your mission and business sooner.

Thinking about adding or expanding your efforts with digital advertising this year? We’d love the opportunity to partner with you to get real results. Connect with us at discover@mudmile.com.