2022 Digital Report Card: Email Performance

2022 was a big year in a lot of ways here at Mud Mile. One of our most notable changes is the aggressive expansion of our Digital Marketing division. We worked with our partners to craft and execute digital advertising strategies that had a real impact. We’re proud to present their successes and learns in our inaugural Digital Ads Performance Report Card.

One of the biggest takeaways from 2022 (though it’s no surprise to us!) is that email is NOT dead. One more time for the people in the back: EMAIL. IS. NOT. DEAD.

According to the 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index, when done right, email is THE top digital channel when it comes to driving revenue for your business. Engagement with email in 2022 is up across all industries when compared to 2021:

  • Open Rate: up 62%
  • Total Clicks: up 5%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: down 24%

Our Results

Our digital marketing team found similar results and will sing you the praises of email all day (if you let them). Throughout 2022, they sent out more than 1.7 million emails.

What did they learn with all those emails?

  • Even when personalized (and you should definitely personalize your emails as much as you can), an entire email can be developed fairly efficiently.
  • Frequency matters. People want to hear from you consistently, but there is such a thing as TOO much.
  • Customizing your message for different members of your audience can drive engagement even higher. It’s essential to KNOW who you’re talking to.

We’re excited as a team to see what we can do for our partners (and you!) in 2023. Our continued growth in this division means we’re able to test new ideas and strategies to help you (and your content) reach more of the right people and see a real impact to your mission and business sooner.

Thinking about adding or expanding your efforts with digital advertising this year? We’d love the opportunity to partner with you to get real results. Connect with us at discover@mudmile.com.